The results are in...our customers have told us that we have the best damn curly butter in the world !

How/why is our curly butter so much better, so different? Well, let us explain.

Some products that call themselves "curly butters" are gel based. Gels work to control hair but often take excessive time to dry, leave the hair with a gummy feel and leave the hair dry looking. Other products are oily and don't give the hair any curly definition. Both of these type of products often need hair dryers to achieve the curly or twist out styles desired.

The Asebella Naturals Vitamin Enriched Curly Butter is creme based. The creme allows for easy use when twisting the hair. You can feel the moisture from the creme going into the hair strand. We have added a patent pending polymer that has been proven to help curly styles keep their natural curl pattern longer.

How does this benefit you and your hair? The Asebella Curly Butter goes on easy, never gummy to the hair. The special polymer aligns to each hair strand as you twist the hair strands together and smooths and shapes your hair in that desired twist style. The curly butter soaks into the strand as you twist. No need for a hair dryer

The Asebella Naturals Vitamin Enriched Curly Butter also has emollients like shea, coconut oil, and lanolin to help bring shine and softness to the hair. Proteins are added to help give strength to the hair.

Best used when twisting the hair or preparing the hair for twist out styles

This is NOT a loc creme.

Great for the whole family.