The Asebella Massage/Body Oil quickly penetrates your skin leaving it buttery smooth. Unlike most body oils that are heavy on the skin and possibly clog your pores, this body oil has very small molecules that are quickly absorbed into the skin locking in moisture.

The Asebella Massage/Body Oil is loaded with over 10 natural oils to help nourish your skin. Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Shea Butter Oil, Kiwi Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and many others just to name a few.

How Can I use this product? The Asebella Massage/Body Oil has many uses.

1. Use as a massaging oil - Use it right out of the bottle or gently warm it. Either way, this oil works to soothe and lubricate the skin.

2. Use as a bath oil - Add up to a capful to any bath. The oil softens the water. Slide into the tub and feel the water. Bath time just got more relaxing.

3. Use as an after bath or shower moisturizer - After bathing, lightly towel dry leaving your skin slightly moist. Apply the oil liberally all over your body to lock in the moisture left on your skin. Don't worry, this oil absorbs very quickly and will not stain your clothes or towels.

Your skin will love this versatile body oil that is based on natural emollient oils.