The Asebella Acne Kit is milder and more effective than other leading brands. 

Here's how. Our scientist use a Patent pending combination of time released saliclylic acid, tea tree and botanicals to gently, yet effectively remove acne from the skin. 

Unlike other brands that use chemicals that go straight to the face which can be very harsh for some skin, we use a time released active ingredient that works over many hours to fight the acne and excess sebum in the skin. Your child's skin will be less irritated as it heals and acne is eliminated. 

There are 3 products in this kit plus a bonus item. The Asebella Acne Cleanser, Asebella Acne Toner, and Asebella Treatment. We even have added a Asebella Acne Moisturizer just in case your child has any dryness issues as we fight the acne and excess sebum issue. 

This treatment must be used both morning and evening for best results.

When the acne is all cleared, you can then transition you child to the Asebella Botanical Cleansing System.