The Asebella Botanical Daily Moisturizer is the final step to clean, healthy skin. This moisturizer is light but effective in replenishing the face and neck with hydration. Our scientist incorporated a lot of hyaluronic acid in this creme so that your face is awash in humectantcy. Hyaluronic acid, well known as the best humectant in the world absorbs as much as 10x as much water to itself than glycerine! This results in day long hydration of your face as the hyaluronic acid is constantly bringing moisture to itself and your face. 

Vitamins are also added and very light emollients to help condition your face.

Say "good bye" to dry skin.

How do I use this product? The Asebella Daily Moisturizer (Step 3) should be used after the Asebella Botanical Toner (step 2). All you need is a cotton swab of moisturizer. Simply apply to your face and rub it in. Take notice how the creme immediately sinks into your face and neck. Never wet or gummy feeling. Make up can be applied thereafter as desired.