The Asebella Botanical Toner is the second step in our cleansing regimen. The Botanical Toner follows our Botanical Cleansing Creme to help tone and shrink the pores on the face. Unlike most Toners,The Asebella Botanical Toner goes deep down towards the demal layers of the face and helps rid white heads, black heads, and excess sebum all while tightening the pores and thereby shrinking the pores on the face and neck. Moisture is added and locked in during the toning process.

The result is skin feels fresher and tighter. 

How do I use this Toner?  After you have cleansed your face (step 1), pat dry your face with a clean hand towel. Apply about a nickel to quarter size amount of Toner to a fresh cotton pad. Wipe your face, neck and behind the ears being careful not to wipe into the eye or mouth areas. Wipe especially well around the nose and jaw line as these areas are known to either have excess sebum (oil) or dryness. 

Don't be alarmed if your cotton pad is dirty even though you just cleansed your face. This often happens as our Toner is one of the few that goes deep into the layers of skin to pull out unseen dirt and oil from the lower layers of the skin. NOT TO WORRY, its an indicator that your skin is really clean and free of grime.

Follow with the Asebella Daily Moisturizer (Step 3) unless you are using our Asebella Flawless anti aging serum or Rejuvening Night Creme.